Nouvelle collection Histoire en BD

Trois nouvelles collections au rayon BD, le tout mélangeant histoire et Histoire!

En premier lieu: L’Histoire de France en BD, douze tomes qui reviennent sur les grandes périodes de l’Histoire de France: de la préhistoire à l’époque contemporaine; une collection qui permet de comprendre comment la France est  devenue ce qu’elle est aujourd’hui.

Deuxième collection: L’Histoire en Manga. Une série qui revient sur l’Histoire de l’humanité avec une pointe d’humour; le tout illustré dans le plus pur style japonais. A ne pas manquer!

Dernière collection: Ils ont fait l’Histoire. Un retour passionnant sur les grands noms qui ont survécu à travers les âges tels que Luther et sa réforme ou Napoléon et ses conquêtes… La vie et les actions des ces hommes et femmes qui ont fait l’Histoire.

Nouveautés Janvier 2018 / added to the library collection in January

En Janvier, 111 nouveaux documents sont venus s’ajouter à la collection du CDI / In January, 111 new documents were added to the library collection.

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Against Empathy by Paul Bloom

If you have slipped into auto-pilot mode lately, sucked under by the demands of a busy schedule, this great little book might be just the thing to get you thinking again. Why ? Because its provocative premise goes against the grain, opening the door to a great debate.

Against Empathy: The Case for Rational Compassion
(152.4 BLO) by Paul Bloom has certainly caught my attention and will hopefully also make it onto your own reading list.

Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Safety or adventure ? Which would you plump for and how far would you go to escape a toxic environment ? Caraval (F GAR) is a magical tale of two sisters with very different outlooks on life. It is set on a secluded island in an enchanted world, where the line between reality and fantasy blurs rapidly as the story progresses. In Legend’s world, nothing is what it seems; wishes and clues are exchanged for one’s innermost secrets. Adventure and intrigue lurk around every corner. Only the fastest can win. Yet the tale of Caraval is not spun as a contest but rather as a quest. For Tella is to be the prize this year.  The pressure is on, for Scarlett has five days to find her sister before the game is over and Tella disappears forever.

Some may find the world-building a little weak, especially if they have read The Night Circus, but Caravel remains a singularly captivating story. We shall definitely be purchasing the sequel, Legendary, when it is comes out in May!