Come discover our collection…

A good book is many things to many people;  A world to get lost in, characters you root for and are sad to leave behind on turning the final page, fluid penmanship or the sonority of delightful language, a window onto some inner turmoil that touches a chord, or perhaps presents a foreign and intriguing new perspective. The choices are endless spanning fiction to biographies, graphic novels and documentaries.

What a good book is not, is one that you pick up with a heavy heart, cannot make headway with and struggle to finish.

There are a plethora of good books out there. Here at the Institut Florimont, we are lucky to have a fantastic selection of titles on offer at the CDI, with new reads to discover throughout the school year.

In this blog, we will present some of our favorites to you. We also warmly welcome your recommendations, so feel free to drop us a line or fill out the form under « Reading suggestions ».

And don’t forget, aside from the pure pleasure one can derive from reading, research shows that reading a minimum of 20 minutes a day can help boost your marks!

So without further ado, we look forward to welcoming you at the CDI and wish you happy reading !

The library team